I don’t know what it is but when I’m around greenery, nature, water - I feel so much more with it! It’s like it gives my neurodiverse brain a much needed reset and I can pause life! 🧠
As an entrepreneur my brain doesn’t switch off as it is: new ideas, never ending to do lists, every day tasks, finishing projects… I feel like I can’t breathe at times.
Taking a break feels like an impossible task because I can’t possibly find time for nature right?! ⏳

But here’s the thing…

Studies show that, while neurotypical people benefit from a walk in nature, ADHDers doubly benefit from a walk in nature!! Just 20 minutes of walking outside in nature resulted in better concentration, focus and a boost in mood: lowering levels of stress and anxiety. 🌲

When you and your brain are in a relaxed place, your voluntary attention decreases (goal-directed attention), and your involuntary attention takes over, so your brain can rest and refresh itself. Makes sense right?🧘‍♀️

On a bad ADHD day or a time when you’re feeling extreme overwhelm, I know the last thing you want to hear is “just go for a walk” - it irritates me too! But it is right. Honestly.
Walk. Breathe. Feel. Bring your senses back to where they need to be and you’ll feel a little better. Even though in your brain you haven’t been productive and you’ve left those tasks waiting… you’ll feel a little more focussed and able to tackle them. 📝

Oh and here’s a little tip.. when you’re out in nature, look up.. 👀
Sometimes we’re so focussed on watching our feet or looking around that we forget what’s above us. Sun poking through the trees… my fave 👌🏼

How does nature make you feel?? 🍃

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ADHD, nature
Post by Rachel Fay
June 28, 2023


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