My beautiful boy, being your mam is my fave! 👩‍👦 The moment you were put in my arms my life changed. I’m so grateful for the lessons I’ve learned & the person I’ve become because of you. I am proud of the kind hearted, resilient and caring young man you are - you’ve taught me what love is. ♥️

I was diagnosed with #ADHD when Ollie was 7, so for the majority of his life I was unaware I was #neurodivergent. Well.. I say that but I did wonder why I felt other new mums didn’t think like me. 🤔 

🤰When Ol was born he was like my obsession. I didn’t want to leave him with anyone and was anxious. But he made me insanely happy. I loved every second so when I was away from him, I felt like I’d lost a body part. In fact I still feel like that now.
I became fixated on breast feeding. Which I know isn’t a bad thing but we ended up doing 2.5 years and I was devastated when he weaned himself off me. 

🌳 We were ALWAYS on the go. Everyday I felt like I had to do a different activity with him or take him somewhere new!

🙉 I masked it but attending social settings with other parents or baby groups I found hard. I was overstimulated with the noise, chatter etc - but also my fear of rejection & judgement would rear it’s ugly head. That was one of my motivations behind creating @littlelearnersuk and a safe, inclusive space for #parents

😩 I was constantly #overwhelmed & stressed. I started to think how ON EARTH do mums do this? Like I couldn’t keep on top of the house before he came along but now, how do I do it?? I was exhausted and felt like I was failing at life by not keeping up. 

🎨 So what does an overwhelmed, ND #newmum do when life seems like it’s a bit too much and the return to work is looming?? 
Start a business. 😬
Then hyperfocus on it. 
Leave my teaching job. 
#Franchise it. 
Grow a national team. 
Then take it to Australia 🤷‍♀️ 

But now, I’ve created a #flexiblecareer that fits around my son and I will never look back. It’s now my mission to give others the opportunity for them to run their own business and have a better work-life balance 💜 

Post by Rachel Fay
March 19, 2023


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