Business wasn’t something I’d ever been exposed to. No-one in my family ran businesses and the thought never crossed my mind that it could be a career path. I was set on being a #teacher 👩‍🏫 

On reflection, I’ve always had a creative mind and vivid imagination. Coming up with ideas & finding new ways to do things. 
E.g. as a kid I arranged shows for our neighbours & sent a bucket round the doors for ticket money! 💰I was immediately told to reimburse them by my mam! 🤣

At uni, I realised I was going to have to start making money so I started my first #business - @fayspainting . I LOVED art & children so face painting? Made sense! ✔️ 🎨 My first taste of self employment & I loved it. I ventured into body painting and ended up being on sky news & booked by the BBC! 
The admin side of things however.. booking forms, emails, tax returns 🤯 I could not get my head around. My organisation was shocking and everything left until the last min.

When Ol was born, I needed a job that was more flexible, exciting & creative but I also didn’t want to leave #education. So I got out my pen & paper and created an early writing programme. Designed some characters and plotted out a way to teach it to #under5s 🖍️

So hello @littlelearnersuk! Hyper focus to the max! Business named. Socials made. Website in progress. Venue booked. Resources bought (although I didn’t have the money!) Taster session arranged. And I was away! 💜 My friends & fam were just slapped in the face with this new idea and I’m so thankful that they supported my dream. 

📊 I had no business plan, strategy or goals. Which embarrasses me to admit but I had a vision and I knew I could get there. Now I have an AMAZING team internationally, an award-winning writing programme & two venues in their pilot stage. 
I might not do things the way I should. I may not have the skills to plan, manage time, prioritise, not work into the night 😂 & the other hurdles #ADHD brings. BUT being ND means I’m an out of the box thinker, problem solver & ideas machine! 💡 So well done brain - you’re alright sometimes 👏🏼

Post by Rachel Fay
March 20, 2023


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